We are all Florida man.

Not to be presumptuous, but if you think of the Everglades — the beautiful, foreboding wetlands that make up most of the southern tip of Florida — you might think of it as a swamp. Lots of swamp grass and swamp trees, alligators and wading birds. It’s a lot like…

After a bit more than 100 days in office, Joe Biden has demonstrated an impressive political ability: the willingness to change course quickly without making a big deal about it.

On April 16, for instance, the administration announced that it would be keeping Donald Trump’s historically low cap of 15,000…

John Marshall’s opinion in Madison vs. Marbury, the foundation of its role as a co-equal branch, is magisterial. The case that inspired it was anything but.

Ain’t it something? What makes it special — this whole moment came from nothing.

— Bubba Sparxx, “Ugly”

The left has been feeling its oats in the past year, and has every reason to — while standard-bearer Bernie Sanders fell quickly to Joe Biden in the primaries, the left (and…

The U.S. is worse than a lot of developed countries at a lot of public-health issues, but cutting this low-hanging fruit by a quarter would be like eliminating all gun homicides.

A few days ago, the state of Oklahoma granted immunity “to motorists who unintentionally cause injury or death while ‘fleeing from a riot,’” one of five in which such a bill was introduced. Critics, who call such legislation “hit and kill” laws, argue that they threaten to go beyond criminalizing…


We won’t forget all the mundane intricacies of life during the time of Covid-19 — thanks to the personal essay

The reliance of contemporary journalism, particularly online journalism, on the personal essay has been the subject of criticism and sometimes revulsion — often with subtexts about generations and gender, navel-gazing youth taught by years of therapy to look within for the most important subject.

Then the pandemic happened.

When it…

First-year analysts are making noise about their ‘inhumane’ working conditions. It’s tempting not to care, but it’s their world and we’re living in it

A few weeks ago, a group of first-year analysts at Goldman Sachs dropped a “Working Conditions Survey” outlining their hundred-hour weeks, “consistent 9 am-5am’s,” five hours of sleep, and self-reported 2/10 firm and work satisfaction rating. Public response fell along predictable lines. Some said these expectations were clear and the…

Whet Moser

Freelance writer/editor in Chicago. Words in Marker, The Atlantic, COVID Tracking Project, elsewhere. Author of ‘Chicago: From Vision to Metropolis.’

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